Air Conditioning & Maintenance

Air Conditioning and Air Condition Maintenance

We recommend to our customers that the maintenance of the cooling heating system is done once a year when it is used in all seasons of the year. The cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioning system or the air conditioning system of the car is of particular importance for our own health, as it has a direct effect on our respiratory system.

In all air conditioners, regardless of the duration of use, fungi and bacteria are created in the airways, the existence of which is not noticed except because of the unpleasant smell they cause, proof of the poor to dangerous quality of the air we breathe.

Our company undertakes the comprehensive service of the air conditioning system or the air conditioning system of your car, the disinfection of the system and the air ducts. So your car's air conditioning system will work properly and hygienically when it is used.

Air Conditioning Checks & Freon Filling

The car's air conditioning system works with refrigerants and gases. The compressor, condenser, evaporator and all filters must be checked regularly to maintain proper system operation. Air conditioning is important not only for comfort, but also for your safety.

In winter, the air conditioning helps to heat the cabin and demist the windshield. Automatic air conditioning systems allow you to maintain a constant temperature, which you set.

AUTO RINA offers FOR FREE in every maintenance, disinfection of the air conditioning system and in every cabin filter change.