Car Batteries

Car Batteries

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Car Battery replacement

The battery is a key component of the car to power the various electronic systems of your vehicle. The engine, lights, wipers, air conditioning and sound system are powered by the battery which stores and supplies electricity to the car's systems.

When the battery, after a period of normal use, begins to show signs of reduced performance, you must visit our workshop to check your battery and as long as there is no reason related to the reduced performance, consider replacing it.

The lifespan of any car battery depends on many factors, but mainly on its quality and maintenance. Some affecting conditions are extensive exposure of the battery to low temperatures or immobilization of the car for a long period of time which worsen its condition.

In our workshop you can request a check of your battery regarding its condition, the need for maintenance, as well as its replacement when required.

We have a full range of batteries for all car brands and types.