Car Liquid gas


The conversion of the engine in your car, dual fuel, gasoline or LPG, gasoline or natural gas, oil with added natural gas, is the possibility that our company gives you to make your car more economical as long as the technology and condition of the engine allows you to.

Installation of Gas Systems in your Car.

The installation by converting your car into a dual-fuel petrol LPG car is a proposal that many vehicle owners wish to implement for private or business use with the aim of saving money on their journeys. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and CNG are fuels that can be used to save energy from 45% (LPG) to 55% (CNG).

Liquefied petroleum gas, also known by the corresponding international term LPG, short for liquefied petroleum gas, consists of light fractions of crude oil (mixture of propane and butane), which are gases when they are in normal atmospheric conditions of pressure and temperature.

LPG is applicable for conversion to dual-fuel vehicles, both petrol engines and diesel engines.

This technology can therefore be used in gasoline or diesel cars or trucks, in motorcycles, in hybrids and in general in any internal combustion engine.

In Greece, LPG is very widespread and there are plenty of LPG gas stations in the most remote places as well as on many islands, making the use of LPG an easy and economical solution.

Those who own cars that exceed 15,000 kilometers per year will recoup their investment in about two years

Gas systems are now technologically advanced and run smoothly with little or no problems if properly installed and the system is maintained at the right time. In our company, we undertake the conversion of your car at a low cost and with a guarantee of good operation.

We work with the best suppliers:

  • Lovato
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